logo-miniOnce upon a time, at some point in the 40s, there was created a new product that was destined to change the Greek gastronomy and become a synonym to Greek. This was the souvlaki pita that was born by the nutritional needs of the time, but also by the initiative of the Greek bakers. Their inspiration was the flatbreads, the flat breads that, for thousands of years, have been used as a tool to handle the food in certain civilizations, mostly in the Mediterranean.

Pitas made with passion

logo-miniToday, the pita history is taken up by the craftsman who, through his ideas, changed its course in Greece, Evangelos Kolios.
With high quality products that have been created by the finest raw materials and the most innovative methods, Mr. Kolios and his family continue the pita evolution in Greece. Emphasizing in the flavor, but also in the nutritional value of their products, the Kolios family enters a new cycle in the nutritional evolution of pita.